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Do you know what kind of wiper blades you need? Or what’s currently on your car? Bracket, beam, or hybrid – find the right ones for you.

Why spend time in the chaotic hustle and bustle of a corporate business when you could boost the local economy, support your community, and build new friendships, all while getting better customer service? Exactly. Here’s how shopping small has big perks.

It can be hard to shake the sense of worry that often comes with windshield replacement or repairs. Let us put your mind at ease. We’ve got a few tips for the best things you can do after your repairs to get the most out of your windshield.

Whether you’re a highway wanderer or a weekend warrior, these apps will keep you going smoothly on your next road trip.

We thought it was pretty cool when cars just had seat warmers, but now they even give back massages. Check out these perks to consider on your car hunt. Which new feature do you want most in your next vehicle?

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Since 2001, Taylor Auto Glass, a family owned and operated company has been the leading provider for auto glass repair and replacement in the Triad area.  We understand your needs as a valued customer and are constantly striving to provide our customers’ with top notch quality and customer service. We service windshields, side windows and mirrors, as well as glass for heavy equipment, semi trucks and RV’s.