fleet management apps

GPS tracking systems are a must for any business that has drivers. Whether you have a fleet of 5, 50, or 1,500, fleet management apps and software can provide valuable tracking information and other features that will help you and your team stay on track. We’ve put together a list of fleet management apps that offer a variety of useful tools.

Fleetio Go

Available on: iOS and Android

Fleetio allows you to track and analyze your fleet operations. The mobile app allows you to track vehicles, report problems, log fuel purchases, scan barcodes, and much more. With the Live Map you can see where your drivers are in real time, and you can even set up a driver scoreboard which rewards drivers who follow best practices. The software is priced per driver.

fleet management apps


Available on: iOS and Android

This app pairs with a desktop-based web portal and keeps you connected with your fleet drivers. The iOS version can notify you with maintenance recommendations based on mileage and time traveled, so your fleet vehicles will always stay up to date with repairs and routine maintenance.


Available on: iOS and Android

This app pairs with the brand’s GPS Tracking software and offers multiple options to help you manage and track your fleet’s progress. Real-time tracking features record the driver’s speed, fuel usage, and location. The history and reporting section allows you to record and download all tracked data for a driver.


Available on: Android

Replace your outdated GPS system with this handy mobile app. Designed for businesses and fleets, this app offers real-time route updates to help your drivers take the most efficient routes possible. The app automatically starts tracking your data the moment it detects driving and has custom reporting features.

fleet management apps

GPS Insight

Available on: iOS and Android

GPS Insight offers fleet management solutions to companies of all sizes. The mobile app includes dispatch features, e-logs and reporting, and engine diagnostic tracking. This app even allows you to integrate fuel cards so you can track charges made at gas stations.

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